Ken Dawes Denture Clinic in Grafton and Maclean offers a comprehensive range of denture services within a comfortable and supportive environment. Our Grafton and Maclean denture clinic is equipped with the latest in dental technology and our dental prosthestists remain up-to-date with the latest in denture techniques.


•Full dentures
•Partial dentures: Chrome/Acrylic
•Flexible Partial dentures
•Implant retained dentures
•Laminated mouthguards
•Maintenance on all of the above
We recommend using Cal-dent Denture Cleanser to ensure your dentures remain clean and fresh. Australian made, it effectively removes stains, plaque and calcium deposits. Cleaning your dentures is as easy as soaking them in a solution of Cal-dent and water for as little as 30 minutes (longer for heavy stains). If you would like to try this product, ask us about your free sample at your next appointment.